Windows Vs Linux

Which one to choose – Windows or Linux Hosting?

Web hosting plans are adequate in number to meet anyone’s needs in current market. A plethora of web hosts are literally offering a very wide range of everything; only a knowledgeable webmaster is required who knows what they need to stitch a perfect web hosting plan. Hosting servers run on an operating system as well, just like any ordinary computer system. Windows and Linux are two most popular operating systems for computer, so for the hosting servers as well. UNIX is also widely used, but that’s another advanced level story.

Windows Vs Linux

If you are a new webmaster, go through this review to find out whether a Linux or a Windows OS is the best pick for your website.

Clearing the Haze

However, don’t mix up your computer operating system with the OS on your web hosting server. These two are completely different. Even if you use Windows or Mac as an OS on your computer, doesn’t necessarily mean they have to be the as your web host’s one.

Should the Operating Systems be Same?

Well, having the same operating system on both your computer and your hosting plan doesn’t necessarily make things easy and simple. Instead, it all depends on how proficient you are on either operating system. Also, the server OS doesn’t affect your site hit or traffic generation, either. However, the stats might vary for the free and business websites.

How to Determine the Need?

This question is quite obvious. How does a webmaster determine which system is going to meet all their needs? Judging this criterion needs few questions to be answered. Each website serves a different purpose and they need different technologies to co-exist on a server.

ASP, Dot NET, Microsoft Access and MS SQL Servers

All these technologies are based on Microsoft’s technology. Microsoft has specifically made them to serve websites and different parts of the servers. However, these technologies are definitely better executed on a Windows running machine. A machine that runs Windows will understand the commands without any further machine language translation; hence Windows operating system for such systems is a plus. A Microsoft Access MS SQL database or .NET framework will face enormous trouble if asked to execute on a Linux Based system.

MySQL, Perl, PHP or WordPress

For these website technologies to run on a server – both Windows and Linux systems will do. However, thanks to the open-source awesomeness, Linux opens up more doors than Windows operating system does when it comes to PHP, WordPress, MySQL, Joomla or Perl. These content management systems and website coding techniques seek a piece of base system that is easy to alter and manipulate. Hence, Linux happens to be the best choice.

Found Your Pick Yet?

By now, you should already realize what type of web hosting plan you are looking for. Windows hosting plans are pretty costly due to the operating system licensing cost, whereas Linux hosting servers are pretty damn inexpensive. For a cost effective startup, grab a hosting coupon from some affiliate website.


Choose whatever meets your needs. Generally, Windows hosting servers are being used by enterprise solutions and people with higher budget. For everyone else, the Linux based web servers perform well.

bluehost review

Bluehost Web Hosting Complete Overview

In case you are a web-based specialist, permit your knowledge be zero, one thing or high, we bet which you know or at least have heard of Bluehost as a notable web-hosting supplier. Since Website hosting is an essential issue that allows your blog or site to function, all web-based professionals will be acquainted with Bluehost because the agency continues to be a dependable service provider of various internet hosting companies for any long time in this kind of a means which the identify is sufficient to make certain good quality. However, it appears that, even with each one of these sorts of praising from vast majority of professionals, newcomers are a little bit doubtful about picking Bluehost as their 1st net host, and many of them experienced expressed this doubt to us.

bluehost review

Arrival of these kinds of uncertainties was followed by our decision to complete a review of Bluehost in such a method that you will have no doubts just before picking Bluehost since the web host to your web site or website. We’re nearly sure that, once you comprehensive studying this assessment, you’ll be able to have a decision on whether you should decide on Bluehost as being the internet host to your upcoming blogs or web sites. Very first, we are going to take a look on various sorts of web hosting services provided by Bluehost and accessible programs.


Considering opinion from seasoned users, you can be positive of dependability of Bluehost servers. As soon as you’ve hosted your web site on Bluehost servers, you do not have to worry about downtime or technical errors. In case you do request customers of Bluehost, particularly experienced ones, you’ll surely get positive responses in case of dependability.

Bluehost Gives

  • Shared Web hosting

Mostly due to its impressive-enough experience in entire world of web hosting, shared hosting by Bluehost has grabbed the spotlight than other services by same service provider. Offered in three various ideas, Bluehost is the greatest once you require reliable concurrently actually inexpensive web hosting plans. The initial program, accessible at $3.49 for each thirty day period with the help of Bluehost coupons , enables you to definitely host a internet site or weblog, giving limitless bandwidth, 100GB disk area, 1 free of charge domain title, marketing provides worth $50, around five parked domains, one hundred e-mail accounts and so forth.

The second one particular, which expenses $6.ninety five per month, allows you to host unlimited web sites and blogs with no restrictions on disk area and bandwidth. Despite the proven fact that it fees $14.49, the third prepare, named Business Professional, of Bluehost delivers incredible amount of server resources along with other features. In this particular plan, you’ve got accessibility to endless methods for example disk area and bandwidth. Considering each one of these, we can give full marks to shared internet hosting section of Bluehost internet hosting.

  • VPS Web hosting

Bluehost offers various programs in its Virtual Private Servers segment also. Instant set up and availability of servers, extremely simple UI and many others are obviously the notable functions 1 can find in Bluehost VPSs. Standard, Enhanced, Premium and Ultimate are the different VPS ideas to get found on VPS section of Bluehost. While the initial two ideas offer dual core processors and 2GB and 4GB ideas respectively, third and fourth programs have three and four cores respectively. It does not matter of which size your VPS is, but you’ll be able to grab top-notch support from Bluehost customer care and money-back guarantee.

  • Dedicated World Wide Web Servers

Bluehost’s dedicated server section comprises a few diverse strategies, which are named Standard, Enhanced and Premium respectively. Because Bluehost builds and maintains these dedicated servers, worries about good quality. Initial, 2nd and third strategies have 4, 8 and 16GB RAM respectively, ensuring performance of your servers. Given that the two managed and unmanaged dedicated servers are available, you can leave the selection to your usefulness and requirement.

  • Reseller Hosting

Bluehost delivers a few diverse programs for the reseller in you. The primary strategy, named Sky Blue, does cost $19.ninety five for every month and provides disk place of 100GB whereas the next one particular has disk room provision of 250GB. On the other hand, the 3rd plan is packed with 500GB disk space and it expenses $99.ninety five.

  • WordPress Internet hosting

WordPress web hosting from Bluehost is accessible at a first-month price of $12.forty nine and it provides the very best environment to host your forthcoming WordPress blog or web site. Its topmost strategy is available in a first-month payment of $85. Simplified and optimized User Interface, top-notch security measurer and many others are noticeable functions of WordPress web hosting by Bluehost.

Additional Companies by Bluehost

Additional services made available from Bluehost web hosting is going to be really useful with regards to setting up your website or website. Should you need to have assistance in transferring your website/blog from an old internet host to Bluehost servers, Migration Providers will truly be useful. Nevertheless, there is a specific fee for these services. Read more articles about Bluehost on EasyWayToHosting.

User Interface

In most factors of Bluehost, we can see that UI continues to be kept minimal. Instead of using the actual cPanel, Bluehost has made some extraordinary changes into it. When we consider the case of WordPress hosting, UI of its control panel is made greatest!


Considering abovementioned facts from different sections of Bluehost web hosting, it is clear that Bluehost is one particular of greatest world wide web hosts you can go for currently. Additionally, affordability of Bluehost is a noticeable issue. Indeed, Bluehost internet hosting is really a never-regret deal.

Activate Hostgator

Why Does Hostgator Take too Long to Activate a Hosting Account?

All HostGator users would know what we are talking about. Usually upon signing up for a domain via HostGator, the domain is available after quite a long time. Longer enough to leave the newer subscribers worried about being a victim to some fraudulent service. But no, HostGator won’t escape with the subscribers’ money, the long time they need is actually required for a process called propagation and this would take around 24 to 48 hours to complete. It’s not a trouble in the HostGator’s end; rather a universal service which involves plenty of integration and registration, the service is automated though.

Activate Hostgator

What is Propagation?

So what is this much discussed topic named propagation? It is basically a length of time in which the root servers in the entire World Wide Web gets updated and acquainted with the new web site you have launched. Quite a global process and it takes a long time. Until propagation is complete, root servers across the world will not know about the existence of your website and won’t be able to redirect the visitors to your web site as well. If you have updated your website domain from some old one to a new one, the visitors will keep being redirected to the old one unless the propagation process is fully completed. It’s all about how long it might take to update your DNS with all the root servers, and that is why registering a new HostGator domain would take a long time to actually start working.

The redirection time would depend on internet connection speed and physical location, also how good the computers in between the process are. The first 48 hours should be enough to get everything done but still it might take few more hours or days to be fully functional.

The Way DNS Keeps Visitors and Websites Connected

Domain names are more like human language, to make processes easier between human and machines. Remembering all the IP addresses for different web sites is indeed one very difficult task to do, and that’s not practical either. To make it easier, DNS was introduced. Domain Name Server is a service that takes the basic website URLs from the users, then contacts the server to fetch the respective IP address for that defined website. This process usually happens within milliseconds and who is using the internet won’t even feel the gap. But to make sure the DNS returns an IP address within the shortest possible time, it is important to keep the root servers in DNS system updated. When a new web site is opened, the respective hosting company will propagate the data to all root servers in the world.


If HostGator is taking more than 48 hours, then you might contact their customer support. Chances are, the propagation is still happening and due to technical delay, your account is taking time to activate. But the HostGator team usually responses to every customer issues made, so knock them if you think they are taking too long to activate your hosting account.

DreamHost Hosting Coupons and a Review

When it comes to initiate entrepreneurship through the online media and websites; DreamHost is the one of the potential technical backgrounds people start to consider especially because of the exciting discounts through DreamHost coupon codes. The website hosting service has become a trustworthy name for the online entrepreneurs and even real life small and medium entrepreneurs who want to make a footprint online as well. DreamHost has been serving hosting services since 1996, a company that was built by the geeks and for the geeks. The company loves to believe this motto; they believe the geeks that sign up for their hosting services are the ones who make the World Wide Web a better place every single moment.

dreamhost hosting

When it comes to a reliable service at a very reasonable price, look no further than DreamHost hosting service. You will get the actual worth of your money; and if you don’t like their service within the first two weeks then you are at liberty to call off the service and pull your money off as well. A reputed web host will make your website business come fruitful so make no compromise in here. To make your initial launch smoother, there are plenty of companies offering DreamHost coupons which you can use while signing up to avail discounts of up to 20%.

Looking Back at DreamHost

Back in 1996 a team of college geeks took the attempt to start up on a web hosting service. The entrepreneurship that had begun such long ago is still making money as a very successful venture, as well as serving millions of website owners putting a smile of satisfaction on their faces. The company DreamHost is a concern of New Dream Network, LLC. Their hardware backbone, the datacenters are located respectively in Downtown California, Irvine and Ashburn.

Not only a perfect web host but also a company that is well aware of keeping the environment protected. They emit least CO2 as possible and there had never been any legal obligation about DreamHost causing any harm to the nature.

Performance and Features

The server uptime is satisfactory. They promote 100% uptime guarantee in their official promotion campaigns; however, we had found the actual server uptime to be around 99.19%. That’s still a great performance and most people using DreamHost services don’t need a truly 100% uptime guarantee either.

DreamHost provides shared hosting services, VPS plans within newbies’ budget range, dedicated servers and public cloud services. They wouldn’t break anyone’s bank accounts to sign up for; yet the possibilities they bring are priceless.

DreamHost Coupon Codes

Speaking of DreamHost Coupons; there are plenty. Here are few –

  • Use GOLDENSAVE while signing up to avail $80 discount and 1 free domain.
  • 2 free domains and $65 discount comes through using DOMAINFREE2.
  • DOMAINFREE3 provides 3 domains for you and $50 off.
  • UNIQUEIPFP provides a unique IP address for your website forever and $50 off as well.

How to Use the DreamHost Coupons

While signing up for DreamHost, the billing page contains the field to enter these coupon codes. Right at the bottom of the billing page find the empty field that says “Promo Code” and enter your code. If the DreamHost coupon is still available there will be a green check mark next to the field.

HostGator Coupons: Your Gateway to Awesome Discounts

HostGator CouponWhen it comes to the world of web hosting services, HostGator is indeed the offer-rich provider! HostGator is always fond of bestowing its customers by offering some damn useful discount coupons and offers. Despite the affordable price range of HostGator solutions, these offers and coupons can do the job very well, when your primary intention is to spend as less as possible while you purchase web-hosting packages from the renowned provider. Unlike other online service providers, HostGator tend to release as many offers as possible, which means that you can avail that amazing discount option whenever you purchase HostGator hosting. Of course, we guess that is quite useful for the newbie blogger community.

Adding a bit of colour to what we said, this month, HostGator has released some superb offers! By using such offers, you can receive a notable amount of discount while you purchase HostGator service such as shared hosting, virtual private servers, dedicated server, reseller hosting etc. One of the coupons, we found quite among the list, is useful and interesting, because that HostGator coupon code can help you reduce 25% of the whole order. In other words, it gives you a discount of 25%. Even though it might sound small, you can understand the real value of this coupon while you purchase any of HostGator services for a longer period. For instance, suppose you are purchasing shared hosting for two or three years, and the discounted amount will be quite noticeable, as your whole order will be more than $100. HostGator does provide unlimited features (unlimited server disk space, bandwidth etc) with each of these packages, which is indeed a big deal. Apart from such an awesome offer, HostGator does also provide a special offer, using which you can get free web hosting for first month. Obviously, all these coupons account for the popularity of HostGator among web-based professionals, including bloggers and internet marketers.

As a matter of self-confidence and reliability, HostGator packs the 100% money back guarantee within these offers. Also, the customer support of HostGator hosting should be mentioned here, because no other providers are there to compete with HostGator in this! Checkout some HostGator coupon codes here:

5 Reasons that you should Avoid any Free WordPress Hosting

If you are starting a new website, you would require a hosting space as well as a domain name. There are a lot of platforms available to you like BlogSpot and but all of these come along with a lot of limitations and you would require a professional support and approach in order to get a site that is self hosted. One of the easiest methods to accomplish this is to get a WordPress Blog for which you will need a domain and also a WordPress compatible hosting company like Bluehost Hosting etc.

WordPress Logo

Problem associated with Free Web hosting

We all know the fact that free web hosting are very cheap and you do not have to spend a single penny for it, but at the same time you must know that all the Webhosting services use this free model in order to promote their services. So here are the top 5 reasons why one should avoid any free WordPress Webhosting.

The Webhosted Blog can die anytime.

This is the main drawback of free WordPress webhosting. Of course the service is going to inform you before doing so but there is no use of it. You have to move all of your content to the new server, also if the company just decides to close the fresh registrations, then you can redirect the previous links to the new domain, but in case the they close their service completely, you won’t be able to redirect the previous links then which in return will result into death of your old links.

Free Hosted Blog could not be Sold

This is one truth that is very hard to digest, but yes you cannot set your free hosted blog simply because it is not your property. It is mentioned in almost all the WordPress service conditions that you cannot sell, share or even transfer your blog to anyone else. You may think that you can sell it secretly to someone else, but in case the BlogSpot identifies it, your blog will be closed immediately and will be removed from the search engine in no time.

No Safety

We do not want to threat you again and again but this has been happening a lot in the past few years. The free hosting service providers do not spend single money on the security issues. So you data may be vulnerable to various hackers online waiting to destroy or play with your data.

No Control on the servers Resources

Most of the free WordPress services do not provide the user the control over their blog server resources. So in case your blog becomes very popular in dig then most probably it will be certainly going down.

Do Not Fall for Non – Guaranteed promises

You should do not divert your mind and fall for the false advertisements that come in from of your eyes time to time. You should understand that no one will provide you anything free without receiving any kind of returns.


We understand that you do not want to spend much on your blogs, but for that you can select a cheap and reliable hosting service which falls under your budget, instead of going for a free one. You must always try to build a home present in your own land. If you’ve decided to choose premium hosting then Bluehost is the best option, checkout Bluehost hosting coupons.

Points to Consider While Selecting Best Shared Hosting

shared web hosting Although there are different plans in web hosting world, most people, especially newbie bloggers along with internet marketers, seem to prefer shared hosting to others such as VPS, Dedicated server, reseller hosting etc. Apparently, the reason behind the preference is the easiness to manage your server, quick installation of platforms and Content Management Systems, Low requirement of codes, etc. Besides all these facts, the selection procedure of one shared hosting service is not an easy job since there are already tens of different plans in shared hosting world, which offer different kinds of features as well as capabilities that are suitable for various kinds of websites, blogs, or platforms. Therefore, here, we would like to provide you a complete guide towards the selection of best shared hosting service. As you can guess, the process comprises multiple steps such, and we have included prominent steps here. Such steps are as follows.

Requirement Matters

Almost everyone is brand-minded when it comes to the case of shared web hosting purchase! They have a tendency to follow popular hosting providers as well as their shared hosting plans, even without checking the features and the technical capabilities. The funniest thing is that features and capabilities would always be more than enough. Hence, before you hit the purchase button of the hosting plan, you should first have a clear idea about requirement of your site or blog. For instance, you should check whether you have to host multiple blogs in the hosting account, and if so, you can prefer a hosting plan that supports multiple domain hosting. Just like this, you have to confirm the power and performance of the server so that you will have no trouble when it comes to extra traffic or CPU usage. After all, if you think all your requirements match with the features and capabilities of the hosting plan, you can go with the hosting plan. However, you have to check some other things in the plan of the hosting service.


The very next thing you have to consider is the security as well as reliability of web hosting service. This is important because all your efforts would be waste if some technical issues manage to tamper your website or blog. In this case, you can checkout reviews from friends or experts in the mentioned field. In addition, it is equally evident to have a look on reviews of the web hosting provider, which would have covered nook and corner of the web hosting package in a comprehensive manner. Furthermore, you should check whether the hosting provider offers top-notch security for your servers. Suppose you have started your blog/website in the server, and at one morning, you see your site or blog hacked because of the insecure environments of mentioned web hosting service. We hope that you know these things better than we do since no one would like to see their website or blog not functioning. In this case, however, it is wiser to follow famous brands because they have obligations towards the client, and they seem to be very reliable when compared to single hosting services.

Technical Support

Being a newcomer in the blogging and web development field, you might have less knowledge about management of the server. In that respect, it is inevitable to confirm the presence of a good technical support. As you know, such a good technical support would be there to support you, when you confront some issues with the server. In addition, you can seek help when you are unfamiliar with some processes regarding the web server. Suppose if you don’t have any idea about the MySQL and database stuff, the technical support team will help you through live chat or toll free number or some other ways.

We hope the mentioned sectors are essential for the selection of best shared hosting service. Please do let us know through your valuable comments if we have forgotten to mention some points.

Vps Server

When to Get a Virtual Private Server

If you have been in the website industry for quite a few times, and looking forward to an upgrade in your hosting plans then you may have taken a look at the Virtual Private Servers. Usually, people move on to VPS after trying out shared hosting for few days, or if someone can’t decide whether to start with a dedicated server at the very beginning they try VPS instead. Virtual Private Server offers services like dedicated servers, yet they are priced like the shared hosting servers because VPS is a form of shared hosting server. If you are planning an upgrade from shared hosting, you might want to know whether you should be getting a VPS hosting plan.

Vps Server

What Does a VPS Provide?

If you are making a switch from a shared hosting plan, then there are plenty lot of stuff a VPS provides! For example, the first and foremost thing you are going to get is the ownership of a server space, just like dedicate hosting service subscribers do. You get a server with all the tweaking and modification options, you get to install your own control panel, even slice up the hosting space in pieces for using with multiple domains or reselling. In brief, VPS offers full control over a hosting space.

What you don’t get is – utmost ownership of bandwidth. Many users might be sharing the same piece of hardware;but there would be different barriers for each user. This division makes every user have their desired levels of security and privacy, but when the traffic goes up the server owning company might throttle down the share on every account’s speed in order to ensure every gets equal share.

Why might you want to make the move towards getting a virtual private server? If you want more control over your stuff. The features are often flexible to adjust to your required levels and this ultimately contributes to the freedom you are looking for.

Reasons for Choosing a VPS

For smaller businesses and personal websites where cost is clearly an issue, VPS could step up as a solution. VPSs offer the freedom you want, features that come with dedicated hosting servers and at the same time they are just as cost effective as the shared hosting servers.

If you want to make more of your money, and even earn from the VPS hosting account you have – you can do so by splitting up your hosting space into pieces. If reselling is not the intention, you could just set up another website, another domain and another control panel for more control. If management is a problem, software like Microsoft Virtual Machine Manage can help.

Being able to choose your own favorite control panel is one major advantage in VPS hosting accounts. Apart from the control panel, you also get to choose a host from a wide range of available hosts. might be an option to prefer if you are using the website for business purposes.

The pricing is effective. For the price of a shared plan, you are getting the features of dedicated servers and the number of compromises you have to make is too less. The cost is slightly higher than shared hosting accounts but that still sums up into a good deal.


Depending on what purpose you are going to use a web hosting account for, you might just be able to content yourself with a virtual private server hosting account. If this works out well and you make enough money, then moving into dedicated hosting could be another option to look forward to.