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The rate at which the web was adopted by the world coupled by its impact on their day-to-day lives simply meant that a large number of industries were caught off guard. They didn’t have digital media as part of their overall plan and had trouble levelling the playing field with businesses who were a lot more competent in this aspect.They are presented with the grave scenario of revising their marketing and advertising plans to compete with more technologically inclined companies.

Companies that were able to take complete advantage of digital marketing acquired the best benefit. These businesses noticed an increased user base comprising more engaged and dedicated consumers. Clearly, online marketing is a persuasive tactical device in business. There are cases in which failing enterprises were saved from closure through a comprehensive and adeptly planned campaign skillfully executed by a digital agency. One particular instance is with the multi national grocery store chain Oyogi.

With minimal competitors in the marketplace, Oyogi once stood as a primary player in the Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) market. Their shops were generally found in just about any major community, challenged only by small sundry shops. Nonetheless, prior to the turn of the century, Oyogi was in significant trouble.

A new Chief Executive was named when the previous CEO tried without success to introduce Oyogi into international markets. New Chief Executives mean fresh ideas, new methods of doing things – and he did so, to the point of giving Oyogi an entire revamp. The restructuring process brought about some enormous expenditures that affected Oyogi’s fiscal standing.

The entrance of Yedda and Ning made business even more challenging for Oyogi. They capitalized on the fact that Oyogi was not serving various profitable segments of the marketplace. The struggle for a share of the market was not limited to brick-and-mortar restraints – minor players that generally wouldn’t be a hazard tapped on the power of digital marketing to gain some ground.

During this time, Oyogi’s standing as a household name was one of its strong suits. But the name recognition can just prevent failure, and it did’t stop them from losing customer and investor devotion. During year 2014, Oyogi’s net earnings had fell by 10% and their biggest shareholders openly confessed that their 4.1% investment in the corporation was a “massive blunder” which set them back almost 300 million within a year.

How a Marketing Campaign Saved the Oyogi Empire

During that time, Oyogi’s online existence was confined to an online shop. Though functional, far more was needed – the business was in urgent of a complete digital marketing plan, and the new CEO, being very knowledgeable in technology, was named to see, drive and execute this strategy for Oyogi’s survival.

The recently appointed CEO kicks off the revamping process by forming an in-house digital marketing department. The primary goal of Oyogi’s CEO was to develop a digital marketing message that was powerful and consistent. However, an internal team wasn’t able to reach optimal outcomes that effectively. It came to the conclusion that employing a digital marketing agency was vital in sustaining its online campaign.

Oyogi needed to improve its online store sales fast. Maximizing the sales figures of the e commerce website was the main goal. To encourage customers to check out the e-commerce store and consequently grow online sales, a technique referred to as content marketing was adopted.

Oyogi worked content marketing by launching a microsite dubbed “Oyogi’s Best” as an expansion of their estore. It focused on promoting a healthy lifestyle through nutritious eating and other wholesome aspects.

The Real Food website shows that the new Oyogi direction focuses on quality website design because it can stand alone as a useful online resource for individuals shopping around for food. The commercial link between Oyogi and the site supports more users to select Oyogi as their on-line grocery store alternative. This also assists with psychoing customers subtly and directing them to shop more at Oyogi’s web store.

Social media advertising was another crucial tactical element within the marketing campaign that was executed by Oyogi. As the company was large enough, they didn’t require the assistance of a third party marketing agency specializing in social media. Their very initial step was to create official pages on the more well known social media channels such as Google and Twitter.

Two invaluable uses can be derived from signing up for their own profiles on these social platforms. The first manner is clear – this acts as another communication vehicle to reach out to customers. Each person division (e.g. frozen foods, bottled drinks) has its own accounts as well. Each accounts then provides offer and promotional upgrades to customers who have an interest in those particular departments just.

More importantly, Oyogi retained complete control over their on-line brand image. Competitors could readily and discreetly create a bogus account to spread false info about Oyogi and misrepresent its products. By having full control over its accounts, Oyogi could be relied upon to supply verified info through the official social media channels.

Speaking of establishing a relationship with customers, the most important channel is after sales support. The public’s perception of an organization is depends significantly on their after sales services. Oyogi supplies a perfect example for others to follow.

As an indication of the emphasis Oyogi places on online after sales support, they dedicate a different social media account to handle user queries and complaints. There would be a profile set up to receive and handle feedback, while another would be designated as a communication channel for the most up-to-date promotions. This clear demarcation of objectives will mean that customers get the type of advice they exactly desire.

Oyogi also ensured that the team members in charge of the customer service accounts present a human touch everytime they communicate with customers. An all natural and helpful strategy develops relationships and trust, hugely contrasting with the cold responses of a pre-programmed bot.

The revamping of its digital marketing strategy proved to be tremendously advantageous to Oyogi. Based on several sources, Oyogi is in control of almost a third of the marketplace as of last July. This would be almost double the share of the next biggest supermarket enterprise that now controls around fifth.

Their stronghold in the market is certainly ready to expand as they continue developing their digital marketing strategy. Through the development of more on-line content and even cellular uses, Oyogi’s dedication to technology is their secret formula for success. This is more than what conventional website design and development can look to attain.

We are able to learn widely from Oyogi. Focusing only on traditional approaches of branding and retail to sustain a company is no longer going to work. Steady efforts in digital and social media marketing are needed to dynamically engage consumers and preserve a company’s competitiveness in the digital era.


Digital media marketing is vital in guaranteeing the survivability and profitability of a Singaporean business. Should you make the grave mistake of leaving it out, your competitors will undoubtedly gain that unfair advantage over you.

Integrate Web Optimization into Your Business

Many Singaporean businesses are probably oblivious to their customers’ daily reliance on the net. The gap slowly widens as the internet is used to get information and products in a more efficient way. They are not able to take advantage of this trend to extend their communication reach and preserve a lasting advantage in the industry.


Bigger businesses with deep-rooted promotion procedures are usually more irresolute in adopting the shift to online media. One such organization was experiencing enormous loss of market share. Happily,they had the foresight to apply digital marketing which thus kept them from declaring bankruptcy. The name of this organization: Truveo.

Many years back, Truveo was standing as an industry giant in the consumer goods market – owing to locations nationwide with little or no business resistance. Nevertheless, because of unforeseen conditions, Truveo lost their footing within the market and this left them exposed.

The hiring and its associated costs of hiring a fresh CEO was the first issue. This was the result of a failed endeavor to raise European and Asian market share.

Truveo soon became subjected to Murphy’s law, where if things could become worse, they’d. Fresh players with an arsenal of marketing through digital media knowledge were slowly becoming a standard happening. Beyond a certain point, it was impossible to disregard the existence of a competing shop at practically every junction.

At that time, Truveo’s edge was in its comprehensive physical coverage and a great track record. Unfortunately, these intrinsic values inevitably failed to protect against falls in sales and investments. By the year 2015, Truveo’s net gains had fell by 10% and their biggest shareholders openly confessed that their 6.2% investment in the corporation was a “massive mistake” which cost them nearly half a billion dollars within a year.

Before the execution of a campaign in digital marketing, Truveo’s on-line reach was limited to a basic ecommerce website. It was completely working and functional, but the shifting competitive landscape meant that revolutionary changes to it was needed; the new CEO, who was a strong promoter of technology, was appointed exactly for this task – to renew and rejuvenate Truveo’s on-line presence.

Truveo observed the need to engage a digital advertising agency to secure their on-line position as the task progressed and flourished. Truveo managed to decide on one soon after extensive assessment. The preferred agency had the abilities to help with all of Truveo’s demands.

Luring and Retaining a Clearly Defined Target Cleverly Crafted Content

In the age of intensifying competition and budget cuts, companies were forced to deliver more with significantly less. Truveo exploited on marketing through branded content as the main tool to raise estore gains and appease their investors.

Content marketing, in the context of Truveo’s online store, was the development of a microsite titled “Perfect Health” that consumers could browse to from the online store. This tab sends them to “Perfect Health”, which is a website centered on sharing some pretty exclusive content: recipes and motivational posts to encourage healthy eating.

The new informative microsite is a reflection of the management’s attitude towards its internet presence: a strong belief that a strong emphasis on proper website design and development will help pull more visitors to this website. The microsite’s connection to Truveo also drives brand loyalty while subtly encouraging more on-line sales. This also helps with psychoing customers subconsciously and directing them to purchase more at Truveo’s web store.

Making use of Social Media to its Fullest Extent

The snowball effect of social media in business meant that Truveo had to play an effective function or risk being left behind. So, aside from content marketing, Truveo also used social media marketing – growing their influence on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Google – which was managed by their corporate communications team.

Internal control over social media allowed unobstructed transitions from thoughts to execution. In this mode, customers always receive the newest info on the exciting in-store promotions.

Above all, the priority is for Truveo to keep total control of any messages being broadcast over the web. Opponents could readily and discreetly create a fake account to propagate false info about Truveo and misrepresent its products. The development of an official account immediately prevents this menace and functions as a reliable way to obtain info.

Customer support is critical in reinforcing customer relationships. Many people’s opinion of a business hinges on customer support reliability and helpfulness. Truveo provides a perfect template for others to follow.

In an effort to increase productivity, Truveo created a Twitter account especially to communicate with customers while a different one was created to spread specialized information on offers and promotions. This translates to a clear connection between the shopper and support without the clutter of sales offers.

A vital priority is to make certain the customer feels valued. This is achieved by devoting “real” people to answer to their concerns in contrast to computer generated answers. A friendly temperament brings character to a brand and cultivates a feel good experience – resulting in potential future sales.

The enormous reward of gaining the greatest market share in Singapore plainly shows that Truveo’s strategy in digital marketing worked its magic. As of data collated by various research sites in May last year, Truveo holds about 28.5 percent of the share of the market. This would be nearly twice the share of the next biggest supermarket enterprise that now commands around fifth.

High resolution graphic of a rewards highway sign on Cloud Background.

This highly impressive result acts to only further strengthen Truveo’s trust in a digital strategy. Truveo’s emphasis on technology such as the introduction of an innovative cellular app is only going to increase the paths to which consumers can get in touch with Truveo.

Truveo can be made an example for many businesses. No matter how huge, one cannot count on its existing influence to carry on ensuring its success. Undeniably, any company that aims to remain competitive in the digital age needs to have a good digital strategy.

Second, Truveo has demonstrated just how crucial digital media and an internet presence are “must haves” in the current business landscape. Being unable to gain maximum advantage digitally leaves one vulnerable to competitors and restricts additional increase and success.

Every Company has to Leverage on Digital Media, Here’s Why

A large number of unsuspecting businesses are confronted by the backlash of the web’s impact upon the masses. A growing number of Singaporean firms are fighting to outperform their far more technologically informed adversaries through the unfamiliar online marketing platform.

Implementations of digital media is in many cases more challenging for larger firms that already comfortably participate in traditional procedures. Recently, an incident took place in which a big organization was experiencing tremendous losses due to a number of factors. But they took a daring step towards marketing through digital media and managed to turn their fortunes approximately. This company is none other than Simpy.

woman writing internet marketing concept keywords

Just before 2011, Simpy – with its numerous stores and low competitive hazard – was a marketplace giant in the FMCG industry. Subsequently, in a turn of events, Simpy encountered unexpected challenges that threatened its existence in the market.

Simpy’s Hurdles

The previous CEO, being unable to capture the European and Asian markets effectively, was replaced by the new one. New Chief Executive Officers mean new ideas, new methods of accomplishing things – and he did just that, to the point of providing Simpy a total overhaul. Such a makeover was incredibly costly, and greatly impacted Simpy’s cash position, placing the firm in a precarious position.

Furthermore, the phony belief that out-of-town shopping areas were losing appeal came into play. Most likely the most severe of these problems was the quick expansion of rivals Renkoo and Diigo. These two competitions adopted technology to a great extent. They were able to increase their market stronghold by targeting highly specialized sections of the business. Both were successful in catching the two ends of the market: the value-conscious and the premium-seekers.

At that time, Simpy’s edge was in its comprehensive physical coverage and a great reputation. This acknowledgement prolonged their shelf life but did not help them sustain investor loyalty or total patronage. By 2011, Simpy’s profits had gone down by 10% and their key investors openly declared that their 4.1% investment in the market chain was a “huge blunder” which cost them over $465m in a year’s time.

Making use of Digital Media to its greatest extent

At that time, Simpy’s on-line existence was limited to an online store. Yet, this was definitely not adequate. The company’s CEO, being a firm believer of technology, recognized this as an issue and kickstarted a digital marketing strategy to preserve Simpy’s advantage in the business.

Tapping on the knowledge of a Marketing Agency


To kickstart the strategy, an in house digital marketing team was assembled by the new CEO. The primary aim of Simpy’s CEO was to create a digital marketing message that was powerful and unified. That said, it was exceptionally challenging to carry on with the plan by simply growing the internal team organically. A recommended possibility in this situation was to collaborate with a capable digital marketing agency to optimize productivity and increase results.

Driving Website traffic And Obtaining New Customers Through Content Marketing

Because of the effectiveness of leveraging on digital media, budgets for conventional advertising were reduced with time and allocated there. Improving the sales volume of the e-commerce site was the primary objective. With this approach, Simpy expected to bring more web traffic to its shop, thus raising its sales and profitability.

A specific Recipes link was included within their online grocery store which sent users to a “Simpy Simply” site. Food-related information such recipes, motivational examples and well-being trivia were shared freely with this site.

The tactical positioning of this microsite as an external source of handy health advice is a fantastic move. That said, it is also really simple for consumers to connect to the main website, since links to it are all over. The intelligent way in which this information website was designed cleverly links Simpy to nutrition and a healthy lifestyle, thus driving online revenue with the appropriate crowd. When website design and development is performed correctly, it makes it quite suitable for online shoppers to get to where they want, quickly. Since Simpy has made it such a breeze for shoppers to buy from it, there is little or no difficulty from getting them to do so.

Using Social Media to its Fullest

The existence of social media meant that Simpy would have to be there also or possibly get left behind. Aside from using content marketing, Simpy’s inner team strengthened their stronghold through a variety of social channels.

Controlling their own official social media accounts enables Simpy to use them in two different ways. The first way is apparent – this acts as another channel to contact customers. A specialized Twitter account was even created for each and every department. Moreover, distinctive profiles had been set up for various subdivisions for example latest offers, bottled drinks, wines et cetera.

Second, it allows them far more control over their brand and picture online. It’s way too common for numerous companies to lose on this earth because a haphazard customer (or worse, a competitor) confirmed a social media presence in their name. Since they had zero control over these third-party accounts, it was simple for their reputation to get tarnished in case the owner posted pictures that would be detrimental to the business. This is something that an inhouse social media agency would never let. Simpy will never need to cope with this difficulty as all official brand info is only going to come through on-line channels they control.

An Absolute Focus on Web Based Customer Support


Customers are the lifeline of any company; what many fail to understand is that, post-sales support plays a vital role in enriching brand loyalty. Solving customer issues and maintaining relationships are critical to growing a loyal consumer base. Simpy is an excellent demonstration of this.

Simpy has a dedicated Twitter account to converse with shoppers. On a similar note, it has other specialized profiles for promotional purposes too. This ensures that sales related messages are kept separate, so that each profile can perform what it has been designed to do.

The people behind the Twitter Simpy Customer Support are also told to post with a balanced and jovial tone, even to the stage where they participate in positive debate with customers and other brands. A natural and helpful approach strengthens connections and confidence in the brand, very contrasting with the robotic replies of a pre-programmed responder.

Did it Bring Results?

A well planned strategy in digital marketing on Simpy’s component resulted in concrete results: consolidated data from numerous sources pointed to Simpy procuring almost a third of the market, while the closest challenger held on to a fraction of that. The unprecedented shift in market share was unquestionably something to brag about to shareholders.

Such results would undoubtedly encourage Simpy to build on its success and further improve its online marketing strategy to gain a larger share of the market. Simpy’s investment in technology including the development of an innovative cellular program will just raise the avenues to which consumers can connect with Simpy.

To Summarize

Simpy’s case offers many lessons. To begin with, the digital era transforms the way in which business is done in all sectors. Due to the introduction of digital marketing, new businesses that are savvy in these aspects can suddenly snatch away a share of the market from the bigger companies.

If a market leader like Simpy was so readily crippled by the absence of an online presence, imagine the consequences for a smaller company. To remain competitive, companies need digital media to only survive in the cutthroat businesses that they’re running in.